Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plymouth Pilgrims, Native Americans and The First Thanksgiving


Books we read:

We watched:

Animated Hero Classics  – William Bradford

America The Story of Us – Rebels (season 1- episode 1) (AP – we watched the first 20mins for now.)

Dear America – Journey to New World Season 1 episode 2 (Netflix)

The Mayflower Pilgrims – (AP) – We actually did not finish this one, it was really slow and my kids were bored, but wanted to mention it because everyone is different.

Squanto and the First Thanksgiving – (AP)

Thanksgiving Shared:  Native Americans – (AP)
*(the accounts of Squanto were all different, made for some good conversation with the kiddos about how each was accounted differently).

Mayflower Videos (History.com) – there was a cute song about the pilgrims, as well as some information about the boat itself and the conditions in which they sailed. 

Iroquois: Indians of Northeast, Eastern Indians, Cheyenne:  Indians of the Plains and Lakota Sioux (These are each separate films, AP)

Activities we did:




Free William Bradford activity pages – must register (free), scroll down to Animated Hero Classics

Hands of a Child – American Indians (This activity included making a teepee, a headband, a shaker, a dream catcher and some fry bread)

2014-08-27 10.19.16
2014-08-27 10.40.092014-08-29 23.00.23
2014-08-29 23.00.072014-08-29 23.00.12

Draw, Write, Now Book 3

Veritas Press and Golden Prairie Press

Other recommended activities available:

Hands of a Child – Thanksgiving

**FYI – CUB SCOUTS – These activities are able to be signed off for Elective #10 in the Wolf Handbook

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Emergency Preparedness Newsletter


preparedness newsletter 4 Sept 2014-page0001preparedness newsletter 4 Sept 2014-page0002
Download as a word document HERE, this will allow you to edit as necessary.

For June, July and August 2014 see this post

For more information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and their quest for Emergency Preparedness visit the Provident Living website.  For more information about The Church in general visit Mormon.org

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 1 & 2 in Review


Since this is our first week in review, I’m going to cover this past 2 weeks, just because they both were filled with great stuff!

Monday the 18th:  My oldest turned 8!!  We had a fun birthday party with a huge slip-n-slide and an angry birds cake (decorated by himself!)

2014-08-18 09.39.172014-08-18 09.59.20IMG_6769

Tuesday the 19th:  Regular school day, we were suppose to have a Cornapalooza class at the library, but it was canceled (just as we were loading in the car)..so we just headed to the library to read for a bit.  Soccer or the oldest boys!

Wednesday the 20th:  Sign ups for Homeschool Swimming opened today!  All set for the fall, all 3 boys will be swimming this season.  We had a ‘normal’ day of school, followed by an afternoon swim lesson for C and speech for c.

Thursday the 21st:  We had a back to school picnic at the lake with our co-op group today!  (pics on Field Trip Friday).  Then Soccer for C in the evening.

Friday the 22nd:  My baby brother just got back to the states after 2years of being stationed in Japan!  We had not seen him for 3.5yrs (he left after we moved to Hawaii).  He and my mom came up for a visit!!  They all had a blast with their uncle!  After the hubby got home he took them all out to the pond for some fishing!  Then we had an ice cream party after dinner!

PicMonkey Collage jacobIMG_6950IMG_695510551909_10204812747058452_866722662_n

Monday the 25th: Back to School!  (We homeschool year round, so really not that much of a difference, but this day the OTHER kids in our county went back to school). We celebrated staying home with a NOT Back to School breakfast at Bob Evans with some local homeschool friends!  (You can read more about our Back to School events at Field Trip Friday post!)

Tuesday the 26th:  Normal School day with Gymnastics for my Preschooler in the afternoon and Soccer for the other two in the evening!


Wednesday the 27th:  Some light school in the AM and then we had a get to know you pool party and luncheon with some of the people from church.  There have been a lot of new move ins recently.  We came home and had an impromptu nature study with a praying mantis I found!

2014-08-27 15.04.112014-08-27 15.03.43

Thursday the 28th:  Our first day of co-op!  I’m teaching on period for the PreK-2nd.  We are learning about dinosaurs.  We read How Big Was a Dinosaur?  and then went outside and measured out several different dinosaurs sizes with a tape measure and then went head to toe to see how many kids big they were!  The other classes for this age group are Holidays and PE/Recess.  For my 8yo he is taking Gross Science, they made fake blood and blood models.  His other classes are World Leaders and PE.  My Preschooler made a barn and little animals to sing Old McDonald and then they tried exotic fruits and played on the playground.  Even baby girl stayed in the nursery for the first two classes!  Yeah!  We love our co-op! 

Friday the 29th:  We finished up some loose ends and then headed to the doctor’s office for C’s 8yo check up and Ks 9mo old check up (one month late).  Everyone got an A+ on health!  We called it an early day – we have off next week because Grandma V is coming for a visit!  We also had art on the driveway! 

2014-08-27 10.19.162014-08-27 10.19.212014-08-30 10.45.55

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Reviews we did this week:
Essential Skills Advantage
UberSmart Math Facts
Happy Kids Songs

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